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Career Diplomacy is an insider’s guide to the US Foreign Service as an institution, a profession, and a career.  This insider’s guide has sold more than 25,000 copies and is now in its third edition, published in July 2017.The best description of life in the foreign service—its challenges, dangers, satisfactions, and fun—I have ever seen. It paints a superb picture of life abroad and at home, including both its good and bad aspects, and does a brilliant job of pointing out how our diplomacy must change if it is to meet the tremendous changes and challenges of the twenty-first century.

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ISBN-13: 978-1626164697
ISBN-10: 162616469X

296 pp., 6 x 9
ISBN: 9781626164680 (1626164681)

296 pp., 6 x 9
ISBN: 9781626164697 (162616469X)

ISBN: 9781626164703




New in the third edition: 

• A discussion of the relationship of the Foreign Service and the Department of State to other agencies, and to the combatant commands
• An expanded analysis of hiring procedures
• Commentary on challenging management issues in the Department of State, including the proliferation of political appointments in high-level positions and the difficulties of running an agency with employees in two personnel systems (Civil Service and Foreign Service)
• A fresh examination of the changing nature and demographics of the Foreign Service

Harry W. Kopp, a former Foreign Service officer and consultant on international trade, has written widely on diplomacy and the Foreign Service.  He was deputy assistant secretary of state for international trade policy in the Carter and Reagan administrations. His foreign assignments included Warsaw and Brasilia.

John K. Naland served in the Foreign Service for nearly thirty years and was head of a provincial reconstruction team in a war zone in Iraq. He was twice elected as president of the American Foreign Service Association.

Reviews of the third edition:

“This third edition of Career Diplomacy is a masterful summary of the roles and responsibilities of our modern-day diplomatic service. It is must reading for current and future practitioners and also commended to our legislators and those involved in the new administration. Career Diplomacy not only thoroughly explains what the US Foreign Service does but also reminds us of the indispensable role it plays in supporting our national security.”—John D. Negroponte, former director of national intelligence, and vice chairman, McLarty Associates

“A truly wonderful description of every aspect of life as a Foreign Service officer. Harry Kopp and John Naland have updated superbly the classic work on the diplomatic profession, providing a comprehensive, thoughtful, and frank portrayal of the U.S. Foreign Service, past, present, and future.”—David Petraeus, (US Army, Ret.), Commander of the Surges in Iraq and Afghanistan and recipient of the Secretary of State’s Distinguished Service Award

Career Diplomacy is essential reading for those who want either to enter or understand the Foreign Service.  This updated edition contains much new material while managing an excellent balancing between what is new and what is unchanging in diplomatic work, along with a fine understanding of why effective diplomacy is so essential to policy success.”—Ronald E. Neumann (ret.), former ambassador to Afghanistan, Bahrain, and Algeria and president, American Academy of Diplomacy,

Career Diplomacy paints a vivid, meticulous portrait of Foreign Service life. In a digital age in which many question whether professional diplomats still have value, and at a moment in American politics in which the Department of State is increasingly starved of resources and respect, this book offers a powerful case for diplomacy’s continuing significance. In an increasingly fragmented and confusing world, we’ll need American diplomats more than ever to help make sense of a changing landscape and mobilize coalitions to meet its challenges.”—William J. Burns, Former Deputy Secretary of State and Ambassador to Russia; Current President, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace,

“The release of the third edition of Career Diplomacy could not be more timely. At a time when America’s role in the world is the subject of intense debate in Washington and in red and blue states, this book will help new readers (and voters) understand the essence of how U.S. diplomacy works and why a strong Foreign Service is in the national interest.”—Lino Gutiérrez, Former Ambassador to Argentina and Current Executive Director, Una Chapman Cox Foundation

Career Diplomacy is not—or not solely—a guide for the aspiring diplomat. It goes well beyond that. In straight-forward language, it is a window into who our country’s diplomats are, and why they serve.”—Barbara K. Bodine, Distinguished Professor in the Practice of Diplomacy and director, Institute for the Study of Diplomacy The Edmund Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University

“This thoroughly researched book details the history, structure and workings of the Foreign Service of the United States. Anyone contemplating a career in diplomacy should study it, with confidence that the implementation of American foreign policy will remain essential to our nation—despite the Trump Administration’s apparent disinterest in diplomacy.”—William C. Harrop, former ambassador to Israel and inspector general of the Department of State,

Career Diplomacy is an incredibly comprehensive and all encompassing narrative on American diplomacy—a lucid, but sober, compelling description of a generally unknown and unappreciated corps of professionals dedicated to serving America. It will inspire and guide those Americans seeing to follow those who have gone before.”—Edward W. Gnehm, Jr., former ambassador to Jordan and director general of the Foreign Service,